Creating SailPoint IdentityIQ WAR file with Maven

Using SailPoint’s Service Standard Build is okay if you need a quick and easy to setup buildenvironment. However, when you enter projects at bigger companies, you will realize that those companies rely on build systems around git/mercurial and Maven. This is a way of setting up a build using maven.

To create an IdentityIQ-based web application I decided to create a Maven archetype „iiq-webapp-archetype“. You can find this in the Maven central repository:

This archetype requires to have Release, Patches and ETN checked in to a private repository in a special way.  I decided to store these artifacts using the following structure:

  • sailpoint.release:identityiq:6.3:war
    This is the release version. I checked in the WAR file of the release.
  • sailpoint.patch:identityiq:6.3p3:war
    This is a patch. Instead of storing it as a JAR file I decided to also store it as a WAR file.
  • sailpoint.etn:identityiq:6.3ETNXYZ:war
    This is an Efix. Analogue to storing release and patches this has also to be checked in to the repository as a WAR file.

If these requirements are fulfilled the pom itself is self explanatory. I added comments to each of the properties the user has to modify in order to build a release.

The „iiqentities-maven-plugin“ basically concatenates all XML files found in src/main/entities.

Have fun, Mario

Mario Enrico Ragucci
Solution Architect at SailPoint Technologies
Sozial angepasster Nerd mit einem Faible für Technologie. Ich beschäftige mich auf der Arbeit und im privaten Bereich mit Anwendungen, die unser Umfeld beeinflussen, und der Infrastruktur, die solche Anwendungen erst ermöglichen.