June 3, 2016

Let's Encrypt: What is wrong with you?

June, 2016: An initiative wants to bring SSL to the people. Let’s Encrypt is out of beta status, already serving 1,3 million certificates (according to them) and is eager to tell everyone that they happily deliver SSL to everyone, without exception.
Well, except to those that use IPv6! Really, what is wrong with you people at Let’s Encrypt? Do you realize that you will get SSL certificates cheaper than an IPv4 address these days? It is because of people like you that we still need to talk about a change to IPv6. This has been necessary for 10 years at this time of writing.

This really gets me angry. Not because I urgently need their SSL certificates, but because I had to realize this after installing 350 Megabytes of Phython dependencies for their certbot tool.

Also it doesn’t help that they are making good progress on this since end of January. Honestly, Let’s Encrypt, what’s the matter? Are you confused by those long addresses?

Thanks for nothing, Let’s Encrypt. Please do your homework, your 1,3 million certificates don’t impress me. Get the basics straight!